”Skrtel out for a month with a fractured fibula”

We all know that it’s not true, it’s not a fractured fibula IT IS A FRACTURED HEART

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Everton 3-6 Chelsea | Celebrations

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Can we take a moment to aknowledge the fact that Petr was tweeting Neuer


And then he even translated it to someone


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Stevie and Carra, still best mates (◡‿◡✿)

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Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce Jamie Carragher - the king of banter.

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this is the tweet that killed me

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Eidur Gudjohnsen asks John Terry on how it feels now that Lampard has left.

Gudjohnsen: ‘John, Eidur. Well done on a great win. What’s the difference in the dressing room now that Franks gone? Do you feel like you’re the last man Standing?

John Terry: ‘Yeah, I’m still holding on! *Laughs*  Listen, it’s disappointing, we lost a great person and an unbelievable player. It’s changing, you know, it all comes to an end at one point. Mine will too, one day. I’m fighting, I’ve got a one year contract and I’m fighting to stay and remain in this great team, it’s difficult because we’ve got the ability to go out and buy some of the best players in the world, so it’s down to me to keep fighting every day, which I’ll do, and keep playing well.’

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goodbye torres fangirls, we won’t miss you.

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